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Can someone recommend me top surgeons that deal with Otoplasty in Michigan?

  • Nyphri24
  • 8 months ago

It is quite difficult as there are so many surgeons. I would like some that specialize in that area but it seems rather nonexistent. I live near Port Huron.

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You want someone who does ear reconstruction if you want a good otoplasty surgeon.i think your going to have to travel.Theres not many in the us john Reinisch in beverley hills is one there are bit of advice i can give you is have a safe suture based technique, avoid the widely performed anterior scoring technique as this gives too many problems even the very good surgeons have fallen prey to this technique.if you want the best in my opinion then it has to be francoise firmin in paris over 2000 ear reconstructions and fixing disastrous otoplasy results she trains a lot of other surgeons
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