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Can someone recommend a NY-based or NJ based doctor with great expertise in chemical, peels, particularly phenol peels?

  • debhon
  • new york
  • 2 years ago

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Most of those doctors do not conduct phenol peels...and there are too few reviews for them regarding their chemical peel experience. One of your featured doctors indicated that chemical peels require extensive experience so I am trying to find someone who has done it extensively. Thanks for your response, though.
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Sure thing! Hopefully another community member will be able to offer you some helpful info. :)

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good luck. A derm who retired years ago, Dr. Samuel Mandel, gave me a great whole face result for acne scars 25 years ago. He turned over the practice to his son, Mitchell. I went there Friday to have my upper eyelids and periorbital areas redone, and one day later, I can say I got a NOTHING result for $2500. The expert who lectures on phenol peels is in Oregon, I think there is another good one in Washington State, also a couple in Florida. None around here. I am a physician and would know.
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If you click on the Find a Doctor tab you can search by your area, then narrow it down to what type of procedure you are interested in. Then you can read the different doctors profiles, reviews of them, the answers they have provided in the Q&A, etc. Hopefully that will help you figure out who you would like to see.

Here is a list of doctors in New York that perform chemical peels.

Hope that helps :)

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