Would Anyone Recommend Myshape Liposculpture Specialists in Henderson, NV?

  • liddysue
  • Salisbury, NC
  • 2 years ago

Their prices are amazing, they offer TONS of info on their website & you can reach them thru FB, too. The videos make it look relatively painless for tumescent lipo under local anesthesia. At $1,199 an area, it seems as if it's too good to be true but aren't there risks associated with this procedure anywhere that you go? I realize that most of the procedures are performed by a PA, but is that really a bad thing? Does anyone personally have information about their experience, ability & skills?

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I love myshape lipo. They are so kind, and I'm only almost four weeks along but my results are really great. The procedure is painful, and the compression garment is really annoying. So before the surgery talk and ask about the compression garment. Perhaps even ask them to show you how to do it alone, as that can be quite the task. I bought spanks after the two weeks and wear it under my compression garment, as it feels much nicer. (Even though you are only recommended to wear it for two weeks, many people feel more comfortable doing it longer.) Also, make sure you ration your Vicodin. As I took to much and threw up the day of my flight. Overall, I recommend them. Great results for a heck of the deal.
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I was there 3 weeks ago. Got 6 sections done in 2 sessions. Everything went great. It's a high volume place so they work quickly. But they have it down to a science and I love the results so far. Virtually no bruising. They honor their prices too. No hidden fees at all.
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