Would You Recommend Fillers in my Left Cheek? Thanks in Advance for Your Answers. (photo)

  • ms.mariam
  • 1 year ago

My right cheek is more plump then my left cheek! It is definitely noticeable when I smile. (I had silikon 1000 for acne scarring months ago, and most of my scars were on my right side, and when filled, I believe it slightly plumped my cheek- overall happy with treatment). Would you recommend fillers in my left side (apple of cheek) to get some of my symmetry back ? (I would only do non permanent this time, considering Radisse!)

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I think I will get it done within the next two weeks! Just can't decide who to go to-- my FPS or my dermatologist!! I had Perlane in my left cheek about 3 weeks ago and honestly 1 syringe did absolutely nothing for volume correction--so instead of letting what little product is left completely dissolve I rather put the radissee on top of it and hope it lasts at least a year!

Do you feel comfortable asking to see pictures of actual work both injectors have done? If you don't feel comfortable, perhaps you could find some before & afters on their websites? Seeing examples of their actual filler work might be a good way to see whose eye for aesthetics you prefer.


Yeah, I can see the asymmetry you are describing, but even with that you are absolutely gorgeous! If it were me, I'd probably want to even it out, but I tend to be a pretty picky person. I'll be interested to hear what others would do, and what you ultimately decide to do.