Can anyone recommend a doctor in Edinburgh with experience of post-op treatments to reduce the risk of keloid scarring

  • bellissima22
  • Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • 1 year ago

I would like to have a breast lift with implant and understand I have a greater risk of keloid scarring. From my research on this website I see that there are preventative treatments such as silicone sheet therapy/injections etc. I've had two consultations so far (one with a surgeon and one a nurse) and discussed keloid scarring at lenght.  And neither mentioned that anything could be done to minimise risk! I was surprised and delighted to find here on realself that there are preventative measures to minimise risk I would like to find a surgeon with experience of breast lift surgery on black women and in particular the post-op preventative management. Although I would prefer Edinburgh, I would be willing to travel anywhere in the UK to see a doctor with this experience.  

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