Can anyone recommend a Breast Correction surgeon after a mastectomy with a bad reconstruction.

  • angela_B
  • 5 months ago

I had breast cancer and a reconstruction which went horribly wrong and had to have 2 further reconstructions. They tried to match the other breast by putting an implant under my muscle but it is really high up and my natural breast just kind of hangs over it so not sure if I would also need a breast lift. I wear a 34JJ as the mastectomy breast is far larger and I would like to keep this size. Thanks in advance for your help Angela

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It would be helpful if we knew where you are located and if you are willing to travel. I personally see Dr. Roger Khouri in miami, FL . He has removed my implants and is rebuilding my breasts with fat liposuctioned from my abdomen? Results thus far are fabulous. I wish you the best in your recovery. Diane
Hi Angelea B I went with Dr. scherider here on this site, he corrected my breast from previous surgery. He is great for revision surgery!
To expand the mastectomy breast looks fine from the side but from the front it is a ridiculous shape doesn't even look like a breast and I had necrosis so there is a big indent and when I wear a bra it gets worse. I would be more than happy to start from scratch so to speak. Does anyone know what I would need done and perhaps a rough estimate of what it would actually cost. Thanks Angela