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I have recently purchased the TriPollar stop and think it might be faulty - orange light takes ages

  • millycjc
  • 1 year ago

The instructions recommend 2 stages, stage 1 split face into section, and indicate the whole face can be covered in stage 1 with orange light having come on in 7 minutes or less.  I have tried with the device on low medium and high very slow almost not moving, concentrating on just one area rather than larger area and it takes 10 mins for the orange light to flash a bit and eventually stay on, but then I move to a different area and have to start again.  It does seem to speed up a little but is impossible I think.  I never have time to get to stage 2 - moving over whole face.  Is this normal.  Does it take everyone so long or do I have a faulty appliance?

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my tripollar orange light stays on for a long time and depsite moving adjacent to a new pach of skin, orange light turns on within 1-2 sec. is this normal?
Meg, after my initial use, where I had it on LOW, I decided to move it up to HIGH. The orange light does seem to come on much faster now, and I even noticed that on certain areas of my face when I moved it, the orange light sometimes remained on or turned on within a few seconds. I just continue using it until I see the green light flashing...then I move it to the adjacent area. If you're also using it on HIGH, then I'm assuming that certain areas of the face may be heating up quickly and perhaps more sensitive than others and causing the light to come on faster. I especially notice it around the mouth and cheeks. My forehead takes a bit longer for the light to go on, as it doesn't heat as fast. Whether this is normal or not, I'm not sure. If I find out something different, I'll let you know. At least it's working...I've read of one other person who never had any heat come out of it, in spite of the light turning on. Keep me posted if you find out anything more on this...
I just received the device today and I just finished using it. I was also wondering the same thing about the orange light taking a bit longer than expected to come on. Although, I don't remember reading anything about the instructions indicating 7 minutes or less, so that actually makes sense then. Depending on the area of the face I was treating...the time for the orange light to appear ranged from 3-7 minutes. I realized once I got comfortable with how the device responded, based on speed and pressure, the orange light appeared sooner. The forehead, however, seemed to take forever to come on...and if I felt my skin was getting too warm before that orange light appeared, I moved it anyway. I was surprised how warm it got, considering I started on the LOW setting. I guess it's because I'm a newbie and my skin has to adjust. I also had mentioned the issue to a member on here about the light taking long, and she advised to ensure that the skin is well hydrated, as it will make it more responsive. Hope by now you have resolved your issue!
I think that you can contact and they'll be happy to support you