Those who received Ins Approval

  • Mindwhirl
  • 2 years ago

How long was your wait between the approval notice and the surgery? I ask because I have been approved, but no letter received in office yet, so I can't schedule yet. I change insurance in January, and due to staffing can't be off work until March/April after the new year. I just got approved after trying since July. SO FRUSTRATING!

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I also received my approval in about 2 weeks. They had a cancellation and would have been able to do my surgery the following week, but we had vacation scheduled, so I waited about 4 weeks before I had mine.
If your PS doesn't receive their letter, try giving your insurance office a call and see if they can fax a copy of it to you and then you could take it in to them.
Good luck! Hope you can get it in by the end of the year!
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It took 2 weeks for approval and they wanted to set my surgery for the next week. I had to wait 4 months due to work though.
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