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  • 1 year ago

I'm Kim, the Weight Loss Community Manager, and I'm here to help you...

  • find weight loss  information
  • get support, and
  • answers to guide you through your weight loss journey.

More about me. I am...

  •  a weight loss, tummy tuck and breast reduction recipient
  • 48 year old wife and mother who decided it was time to take her body back.  

My passion is to support,encourage, educate and guide RealSelf users through their process

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Oh good, just found this! Is there a particular place where people support each other, etc? Trying to lose a few pounds is the story of my life... :/
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Welcome to realself
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I hear you girl!  It's a never ending battle a we get older..UGH.   Definitely start your weight loss review and blog your journey.   No matter what you are doing or using as a program we want to hear about it.
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welcome to the group
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Thanks trying to loose weight from midsection but itsa difficult area :(
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Yes, the mid section is a very hard place to shape up:(   Keep at it and stay focused taking this one day at a time.
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Just joined this community. Hope to learn from this area. Good luck to everyone.
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Welcome to the community!
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Thank you.does anyone here know what is good in lowering tryglicerides? I am currently trying to loose weight but I have told my trig are 249 instead of 149 count?
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I had the same problem about 3 years ago.  What helped lower mine from 218 to 133 was the following:

Eating black olives, avocados, hummis and veggies.  Any whole grains and low fat foods are wonderful.  Exercise also helps...cardio!!

For salad dressings make your own homemade using extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh cracked black pepper.

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Hey thanks Kim, Its fantastic having interest in these programmes my mum is so worried and she really needs these programmes please share your views on weight loss.
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Kim, do you have a weight loss story posted anywhere? Would love to hear how you did it. :)
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I really need to post my review for the weight loss:)  If you read my Tummy Tuck Review that will give you some of the details.  But basically I worked out with a trainer and followed the Weight Watchers plan for a year.  

It was hard work but so worth it.  It all started after I had my breast reduction.  I was then able to exercise and was very motivated:)


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recently ordered Shaun T's Hip Hop workout DVD set and plan on using it as soon as my BR surgery healing is complete. I wonder if tummy tuck would be good for me? I am not sure what happens with tummy tucks
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That is a good work out!!  Tummy Tucks are amazing and I am glad I did mine..

Check out the community here Tummy Tuckers.  That is the only was I was able to rid myself of my muffin top!

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