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I'm Angie, the Rhinoplasty Moderator, and I'm here to help you find rhinoplasty information and gain confidence, whether or not you decide to go on a Rhinoplasty journey.

More about me. I am...

  • a Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty recipient
  • passionate about empowering RealSelf users to educate themselves about procedures they are considering
  • want you to know that you can find Rhinoplasty FAQs here

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good talk,

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I am very sad that Angie decided to delete almost the entire comment/feedback that I posted then. ...it's disappointing that I can't speak my mind. Even if the rating that I mentioned I quote from other site, it is still very informational for others who really want to find TRUE reputable doctors.

I had no idea there are certain "word" such as MERCILESS is banned andI can not use when posting comments on REALSELF. The word merciless is the truth and straight to the core point. If you spend $22000 for a revision and did not get even 20% of what the doctor promised, wouldn't you feel aweful? ...or is it true that there's nothing at all that the patient can do after the fact, even you have to live the rest of your life with it? ...and I don't even have the rightt to use the word "merciless" towards Dr. Toby Mayers?

-- The doctor's office manager "SHARON" repeatedly demanded me to pulled over on the side of the highway during a winter snow storm to give a credit card number for a deposit or they threaten that I would lose my appointment if I didn't pull over and give her $1000 deposit!.

-- During the initial consultation over the phone (out of state) the doctor had promised that he would insert some saline solution before the surgery to show how my nose wiould improve significantly, but after they swiped my credit card and took the whole $22000, the saline stuff was canceled... he said he didn't need it, and it was not necessary.

-- After I paid in full I was also forced to pay almost $1000 for an after care of their choice, a place called "PEARL"! PEARL aftercare place did not even care to give me food before medicating me, one of the nurse drop the gauze on the dirty floor and attempted to reuse it on my face! And then, later on I found out that PEARL double-charged my credit card, too!!! When I told the whole story to the doctor's office they simply said "it's impossible for them to do that, and if it's true it's not intentional that they did that:"..... that's all, no other effort to help me correct the charges, nothing.

-- The doctor office also insult me that I had a PIGGY nose and that the doctor would be able to perform excellent revision and gave me a tip on my nose. After the surgery, there's some swollen part... they said I couldn't see the tip because my nose was swollen... now it's 7 months post-op and I still can't see the tip, because it's NOT THERE!

-- After the surgery I asked all the doctor about all the stuff her promised me, but he said "I can't walk on water, you just have to move on with your life"... and then he left the room after only 15 minutes seeing me.

-- Nobody from the office bothers to call for any follow-up or to check up on me since I left California.

...I think I am beling reasonable and polite even after using the word "merciless".... I did not curse and use other derogatory words to attack the doctor.

On the way out, I saw anoher patient with her mother said that they just saw Dr. Toby Mayers' hands were shaking quite a bit....and they decided to look for another doctor.......... Yikes!

I thought REALSELF is supposed to have "honest opinions" from real patients. No?

REALSELF was actually the one who introduced me to Dr.Toby Mayers.
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Since this comment is verbatim what you messaged me this morning, I will post a similar reply to what I messaged back to you:

1. Community Guidelines are here. Please familiarize yourself with them.

2. While we encourage you to post your experience, BOTH the good and bad, you cannot use blanket insults like "merciless" or "incompetent" to describe a doctor. This is considered a personal attack and is your opinion and not necessarily fact.

3. We have many reviews on RealSelf that are not flattering to the doctors, but they were posted in a frank, factual way with no attacking adjectives.

4. We do not import reviews from other sites here on RealSelf. We work very hard to verify all reviews appearing on RealSelf. We cannot be sure that reviews coming from other sites are posted by real patients.

5. I am empathetic to your situation. I am. But part of my job is to make sure all users are following our community guidelines.

6. We maintain a list of doctors on RealSelf, but deciding if a doctor is right for the patient is up to the patient. Everyone needs to do his or her own homework.

Angie,thank you so much for doing this! Very much appreciated!
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Great that you're the Rhinoplasty Moderator. Your experience will be great for the community!

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