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Hi Kristy, I had liposuction and tried to write a review but it still has not been posted and it's been a few days since I submitted it. Should I try again?

Hi Mrredblueberry1,

I know that the time you spend in your compression garment varies from person to person, depending on their body type, age, and which doctor they use.

We do have an area where you can ask a question and have it replied to by board-certified doctors. Doing that will probably give you the best, professional advice.

I hope this helps!

Another thing after liposuction, is it normal that you swell as the day goes by with wearing compress garment. As I wear my compress garment through out the day I swell more than in the morning
I have liposuction 9 weeks ago and I have been wearing second stage compress garment 24/7. It is very uncomfortable so I decide to take off base on what I read on the net 8 weeks should be enought. When I took off the compress garment I think my body is freak out I start swelling back like crazy. So I put my compress garment back on and my swelling goes down. So what do I do to teachy body not to depend on the compress garment