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Hello, I want to have a breast reduction. I check a lot of the reviews here but still can't settle on a doctor for a consultation. In live in the DC Maryland area. Based on your personal procedures, could anyone recommend a doctor? I am 42 years old and I have scoliosis(curvature of the spine). I am currently a 38G. My breast have always been large. This in turn makes my back hurt a great deal. My insurance won't cover it(not a surprise), so I'm on my own. Like all of you ladies, I just want to be happy and out of pain. Thank you all in advance for any help you can give. Have a Happy Day!
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Here is a link to our doctor search.  Click Here and then choose your city, then plastic surgeon and this will generate a list of RealSelf doctors.   This is a great place to start and from here you will also be able to read patient reviews.  
I am 6 weeks post op now and and am really not happy with the outcome. I wore a 34 DDD or a 36DD before surgery I explained to him that I wanted to be a full B or a small C. I went today and bought my first real bra since surgery and I had to buy a 36D, I am SO upset about this. Did anyone that had this surgery still have swelling or get smaller after 6 weeks?
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I had this same problem. You still have swelling and won't see full results for a while. Give it time. It took 12 weeks for all my swelling to go down enough to be properly sized.
You will still have lots of swelling. It simply takes time for it to go away. My PS said it can take up to 6-9 months for all swelling to go awsy for some people!! Everyone heals differently. Be patient. I am 4 days post op and my big fear was that they would still be too big. My PS stated that no PS can really guarantee what size you can be after surgery as it all depends on the individual's body. He guaranteed me a much smaller, proportioned breasts that would suit my body frame. I, like most women that have massive breasts, wanted to be a B or small C cup as well. Take care and I hope you will be happy with your results as you continue to heal. God bless!
There are several of us who commented recently on the July thread about how we're still unhappy with our size. I personally only went down about a cup and a half from before my surgery. Yes, I know I still have some swelling but from my vast research, the amount of swelling is maybe half a cup size, if even that. I'm planning to have a revision after I heal up completely. Feel free to pm me, I don't check the forum that much.
I agree anony1234 that every lady here should be happy with their outcome and take the necessary steps to make that happen.
This really worries me because as is my PS didn't take me to the agreed on B. I know I have to account for swelling but I'm currently a 36F. I don't have the money to pay for a revision and my insurance just changed to crap.
Amym77.....I'm so sorry you don't have the results you were hoping for! How long has it been since your surgery? Did you explain your concern to your PS? I would also be disheartened to go through a major surgery like this and not achieve what you were expecting. Did the PS say how much he/she removed?
Your PS charges for revision? Are you sure, did you ask him? I had a revision on my areolas and did not get charged. My PS doesn't charge.
Your PS charges for revision? Are you sure, did you ask him? I had a revision on my areolas and did not get charged. My PS doesn't charge.
AmyM77, did you tell your dr. you're unhappy with your size? What did they say? Did they tell you your revision options and how much it would cost without insurance?
I'm 3 weeks postop. Yes I have told the PS at both appointments that I am unhappy with the size he just says to wait. He does not do revisions at any discount at all I asked. He removed about 1200g from one and 900g from the other. Total weight was 4.4 lbs.
I went to the Dr. The other day he says they look he said I can start massaging my incisions within the next 2 weeks and techniques on how to do it and for how long a in a day
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Massage using a firm circular motion.  Use the Bio Oil and do this 2 times a day on all incisions.  This will help break down the scar so that it flattens and fades.  
Ok thanks I have started but it seems to hurt a little is this normal
My name is Jackie. I'm 28 and have no biological children i was a 46DD and am now somewhere between a high B low C It's 8 days after my BR surgery. I have had little pain but at night I have been having night sweats and when I looked in the mirror the other day I noticed on was a bit bigger then the other is this normal and is it because of swolling
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Welcome to the forum Jackie.  At 8 days PO you will have swelling.  Give it some time to settle down and heal.  I am happy you found us:)
Hello Everyone! First, thank you for creating this community as it helps people like me to research the resources that are on the internet. Secondly, after years of having big breast, I have decided to get a breast reduction via my insurance. I know it is going to be fight with United Healthcare Choice Plus but I cant pay for another deep tissue massage or expensive bra that seems to never alleviate the pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I am currently working out with a personal trainer to strengthen by back but even that is not helping...I am a 34 year old AA with no kids, I weigh approximately 169 , and I am 5'5'. I reside metro-Atlanta so I am looking for a skilled plastic surgeon who cant take my 34G(34DDDD) to a 34 D or DD. I believe I have keloid skin or scarring skin so I would prefer a surgeon who understand the skills and precision of cutting on another human being. This type of surgery scares me because of how the breast looks years later the anchor scar but I do recognized it is all about how the surgeon cuts you...If anyone can recommend a surgeon ( I am willing to pay out-of network fees and travel out of the state), I greatly appreciate it. I want a surgeon who knows, understands, studied the woman's body; in particular, the woman's breast. Thirdly, when getting a breast reduction doe a breast lift comes with it or is that extra? Fourthly, I am also seeking advice on how to deal with my health insurance. You would think they will easily insure this procedure when it is clear a person who have large breast and small frame are in pain, but since it cost them more money that I pay into every month they find some kind of way to deny. I was told UHC is a hard insurance to deal with, I hope not! Fifthly, should I allow my primary to recommend the surgery or go directly to the plastic surgeon office? I need for this process to be seamless. Finally, any information you can provide in my efforts of locating the perfect surgeon for me is greatly appreciate it...I am so ready to start this journey so I can finally sit still in a chair without fidgeting as a result of the discomfort in my neck, shoulder, and back. Also, has anyone suffer from headaches because of the pressure of the bra straps?
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I forgot to add I reside in Atlanta Georgia.
Hello Floridachic! As i am in seattle i can not recommend a surgeon to you in your area but as far as your insurance goes.....get as much documentation as you can! I had to see my primary doctor who gave me pain medication. I went to massage therapy and physical therapy. I made sure all doctors/therapists had excellent notes on their reports. I was told my insurance probably wouldnt approve the surgery either but they did! My primary doctor recommended my PS who had all the documentation from therapist/dr and he sent everything in for approval....2 weeks later it was approved. I have regence blue cross blue shield. My 36G boobs hurt my neck severely (i only have a 40 degree turn radius at my neck....normal range of motion is 70 degrees), my shoulders never stop hurting, and my back would hurtabout 2, 3 days /week. I got headaches all the time due to the strained neck muscles due to the big boobs! My surgery is tomorrow, oct 1. Im nervous/scared/excited. I hope it goes well. Good luck on getting your approval!
Good luck michlm71!! Let us know how you are doing during recovery!! I go November 18th!
Hi everyone im 25 no kids and im in need of a breast reduction. I had tried to get a reduction a few years back when I was a 36ddd mainky because of self consciousness and discomfort but I was denied. I am now lloking into surgery again at a 40F. This time around I am having bad back pain, the indents on my shoulders are deeper and painful, there is some pain in my breast as well. I also have this slight burning sensation on my right shoulder sometimes. Im not sure what it is or have any of u experienced that sensation? I really hope I can get approved this time. If any of u have some suggestions on what I can do to get approved id appreciate it thankyou.
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I have experienced that burning sensation. My chiropractor said that there are nerves in the neck that run along there that, if they are pinched, can cause that pain. I have suffered with migraines, headaches, neck, back, and shoulder pain for many years. My surgery is tomorrow. I'm super excited, but nervous too.
How long have you been seeing your chiropractor? And is his/her evaluation what helped you get approve? And do the treatments help? Sorry so many questions im thinking about seeing one fir a few months to improve my chances of approval.