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  • have considered Smart Lipo to reduce stubborn fat in my inner thighs.
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Hello I am almost 4 week post Smart-lipo and stopped wearing my compression garment after 2 weeks. I would like to find a more comfortable garment (waist trainer)..... Any suggestions?
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I had smartlipo with my tt and now Im hearing negative stuff. Anyone had it with a tt?
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I might have just figured it out.... at least how to post a question to the whole forum.... I'll see if I get any responses, thanks!
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Sharon -- I've seen your posts and they seem very helpful to folks -- thanks! I'm finding it hard to search the site.... can you tell me if anyone on the site has used Radiance Medspa (Dr. Martin Savage) in Avon, CT. I'd love to know folks' experience with him and that center.
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Hi! I also want to know if anyone has had procedures done with Dr. Martin Savage, mainly SmartLipo. Any ideas? Thanks!
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