Realistic timeline?

  • Trabuco Canyon
  • Trabuco Canyon, CA
  • 3 years ago

My surgery is scheduled for April 6th. I have 3 kids ranging from 9 to 16. I work part-time. I am trying to set up my calendar, but keep hearing conflicting information for recovery. Would like to know: 1st shower? drain removal? 1st day for errands, outside activity? back to work at a simple desk job, 5 hours per day? activity? walk, run, feeling normal again? Thanks! Christy

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Plan to do nothing for the first two weeks.  You need to properly heal.  Weeks 2-4 you will start to get around more and more but still need to be slow going.  Most go back to work between 2-4 weeks.  I personally recommend 3-4 weeks off.  

Hard to say about the drains because that will all depend on how much output you have.  Drains can stay in for 2-21 days based on the individual person.  If you are a good patient the first two weeks that helps!!    Check with your doctor about the first shower.  Some let you shower the day or two after surgery and others ask you to wait until the drains are out.  These are all things you should discuss during your consult and pre-op. 

Having a desk job will help but be prepared to be slow moving the first two weeks back to work.  I always encourage women to not push anything the first 6 weeks post op.  Go slow and take care of yourself so that you heal properly and do not become run down and wiped out.