Getting Ready to do This: Anyone in Cali with Good Results?

  • diva45ca
  • CA
  • 1 year ago

Hello I'm 45 I live in southern Cali and have been thinking about getting the BBL for some months now I finally decided I want to do it. I have a 9 year old son and I am a single mom, still legally married but that is a different post lol. I am still researching doctors if anyone know of a good doctor in Cali please let me know. I have so many questions to ask, I'm glad I found this site because I have not support system and I really could use one right now.

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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

You can use our doctor finder feature to find board certified BBL surgeons throughout the USA and Canada. Just click on the link, choose the state/city and BBL and a list of doctors will come up. You can click on each doctors name and find a list of reviews, written by former patients.

Hope this helps!

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