Getting ready for rhinoplasty revision.. Need supplies- which are best/ which are not needed?

  • AchievingHappiness
  • 1 year ago

Last year I went for my first rhinoplasty for my crooked nose. The doctor told me in the beginning it would probably not be able to be fixed first time around, and that a revision would probably be necessary. When I went last year, I was told I should eat lots of fresh pineapple, and take arnica montana. (Bruising/swelling, etc) For whatever reason, I didn't take the arnica, and had heavy bruising for 2+ weeks afterward. I am NOT looking forward to this again since I have a family trip about 2 weeks after the surgery. I want everything to go smoothly and for this, I have to do things RIGHT! (21yo, 140#s, 5'8) .

I've researched more and these are the things I have come across-

  • Low sodium/salt free diet? (I had my surgery in Feb 2012, and only around Oct did the swelling finally seem to subside.. Do I need to change my diet for at least a couple weeks?) 
  • Travel pillow/ Bedrest pillow? (Last year I ended up just sleeping on my side with one pillow under my head.. I could NOT sleep any other way. Is there a certain kind that are more efficient than others?)
  • Vitamin C? (I don't usually take vitamins) Arnica Montana Pellets/Gel/Cream? (Is one more effective than the other?) Bromelain tablets? (I ate so much pineapple last time, it makes me sick to even think about it now)
  • Cover-up make-up for just in case (I don't usually wear any make-up, so I REALLY don't know what to purchase! Last year I went to the drugstore and bought about $40 worth of different kinds of cover-up and NOTHING actually covered the bruises. I even purchased a "tattoo cover-up".)
  • Prescriptions for Mupirocin, Vicodin, Bactrim/Keflex Antibiotics Acidophilus for good bacteria in the stomach
  • Cold compress within first 24hrs, and warm compress afterward? (Doctor said no ice packs, but I'm wondering if he means only right on the nose? And I've also heard that the warm compress does not help, but increases swelling)
  • Walks outside to reduce swelling?
  • Traumeel tablets/cream? (Haven't heard a lot about them)

Don't have a ton of money; just trying to penny pinch as much as possible.