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Getting ready to go for it - need recomendations for North Shore MA - and advice on what i am thinking of doing :-)

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  • 2 years ago

Been thinking about this for years - finally git the nerve to go on my fist consult. Breast Aug w/ 450 cc silicone, under muscle Breast lift Upper and Lower Eyelide surgery Tummy lipo $17,0000 Sounded very high to me, and going to go for 1 or 2 more consults.  This PS was in Portsmouth, NH.  Going to try  a Massavhusetts PS and A Portland, ME doctor.   Any recommendations 

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I will say my PS did not do referals due to paitent privacy. But I knew someone who HAD gone to him (small area) and I asked MY family Doc and he said he did good work. I understand the feeling overwhelmed. the best advice I can give you is be armed with questions and know that your "gut" feeling matters. you need to feel confortable with your PS.
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I will try that - though I am not doing a tummy tuck - that looked too scary, so was going to do lip on the tummy area. I am glad that you think reasonable....makes me feel better. You are right, I need to do two more consults. At $ 100 a pop, a bit tough, but better than making a very expensive mistake.

Questions - will Dr give you references, meaning actually talk w/ a patient. I so wish I knew people that did this so I could get a good referral. Definately feel overwhelmed with finding who will do it.
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Hi there and thanks for posting on RealSelf! The average Mommy Makeover cost nationwide is $13,000, plus you're looking at eyelid surgery. $17,000 doesn't sound crazy high, but do make sure to go on consultations with other doctors. Three consultations is a good rule of thumb. To find doctors in your area who do mommy makeovers, click the Find a Doctor tab up above. Please come back and let us know what you decide!

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