Reading the Other Forums

  • Relieved2012
  • USA
  • 2 years ago

I've also read the Implants, and Augmentation Forums since I found RealSelf.  It makes me so sad to read women so young, And women in the prime of their lives with young families heading into surgery so freely.  It has been really hard not to leave cautionary comments to the few that are hesitant.  As many women that may never have a bad day in the future, just as many Will have health problems that could have been minimized or avoided all together.  I realize it's not my place to pop the excitement bubble, and maybe I'm being too much a nosy Nellie and need to just observe.  I have a huge mom/grammy syndrome. :)   Are we allowed to post polite comments on the other forums or must we stay within the explant community.  TIA for any answers.