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Does every one that got an reaction from Sculptra have an auto immune disorder?

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  • 1 year ago

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When you have a bad reaction it is the company line to blame the patient and say there must be something wrong with you the patient. If you google FDA MAUDE data base and type in sculptra and look at results of reported adverse events each year starting with 2005 you will see there are thousands of people who must have something wrong with them. The FDA MAUDE database returns a maximum of 500 reports so you can not just put in the whole date range. This has been going on and being ignored by the Manufacturer, the FDA, the ASPS and the doctors for too long. If you go to Pub Med and type in injectible poly lactic acid you will find peer reviewed publications that describe inflammatory complications arising 3 years post injection. The doctors on this site that say the PLLA seeds are gone after 2 years can not reference a single study to support their statement. The manufacturer says in their product literature that "large remnants remain after 36 months" they simply stopped following the in vivo degradation. Sculptra by design causes an inflammatory reaction yet they have no way of stopping a robust immune response. Potential solutions include steroid use that can and does cause adrenal gland complications and other long term risks such as infection and antibiotic use that can and does cause antibiotic resistance. Sculptra is NOT THE SAME THING AS ABSORBABLE SUTURES!!!! Vicryl sutures are only 10% PLLA, sculptra is 98%. Is liquid water the same as steam? Is steam the same as ice! There are many variables regarding degradation time that are "trade secrets" in the manufacture of this irritant polymer that is actually a polyester. I have it showing in biopsy at 3 years. I have not had a biopsy recently but at 5 + years I still have very difficult and painful flares of facial inflammation and associated pain. I wish just one doctor who says it degrades in 1 or 2 years would reference some publication that supports that statement. Persistent chronic inflammation and foreign body immune system stimulation can and does CAUSE immune system dysregulation. They do not know enough about how sculptra works at the cellular level and how it interacts with the immune system for anyone to say it is safe. Now they are all saying that it is either the board certified PS who injected you must have done if wrong or you the patient must have something wrong with you. The truth is They do not know, so they should not be using it.
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I put that question out, they wouldn't let me put out what I really wanted to say, so I had to change it. Scary scary of all Dr only one answered it. The other one write in big letters we Dr don't know. You mean you as a Dr using a product that can not be reversed and can cause a lot of damage.. Yes I know it's risk in everything but most injectables now days can be reversed if something happens. Yes a few cant, true. If its true what many Dr think"s if a person have an auto immune disorder this can happen then for gods sake tell the person and make them take a test for it before recommending sculptra. French manufacture for Sculptra stating YES to much and wrongly injected can give a reaction but with time it goes away no time set. Also it's strict guide lines were this can not be injected eyes lips is among those places. Also if a Dr can't see that a reaction - inflammation occurs and keep doing it as in my case. For gods sake then Dr don't deal with this product you playing with fires. Most Dr didn't even answer scary because they don't know what to say. They coming out including FDA with wrong facts, it's not Sculptra something else. Unbelievable . You don't get an auto immune from this. Most likely inflammation.
Absolutely correct. In the mean time manufacture stating can last up to five years. Some Dr recorded seen up to foure years. My Dr that was nice enough to take care of me said when the two years was up now its not Sculptra any more so tell me what is it then done ever blod work possible nothing nothing wrong. Web site showes how it looks at two years so don't tell me it's gone at two years because its not. This month am at 3 years and its night and day from two years. I only heard very few Dr say it can last more then two years good for them because they are right. FDA are only in it for money nothing else. They are more or less useless