What does a rash have to do with a leaking implant?

  • zzztop
  • Tracy, CA
  • 2 years ago

I have a small rash on my right breast , Have had breast implants for 34 years and never a problem.  What has a rash got to do with a leaking implant and do I need a skin biopsy???   I don't understand why a rash would be connected to a leaking implant.  Also I have silicone implants, where would the dripping silicone go???   Someone told me it goes into scar tissue.  My breasts are totally soft and feel normal. Had breast exam by my primary doctor. Felt nothing.  HAD MAMMOGRAM 1/18/11 NEXT ONE DUE 12/18/12 . NIPPLES FINE,  COULD SOMEONE EXPLAINE TO ME WHERE THE SILICONE GOES???.  I WILL NOT HAVE THEM REMOVED   UNLESS ABSOLUTLEY NESSASARY.   COST TO MUCH I,AM 69 YEARS OLD AND DON,T WANT THEM REPLACED THEN MY OWN BREAST WELL LOOK HORRIBLE.   AND DON,T WANT TO BE CUT OPEN OR LAID UP. THANK YOU ZZZTOP

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When I had saline implants a few years back I got a huge rash on my right arm around the shoulder area and about a few days later my saline implant went completely flat. So I think the two maybe connected. Just my thoughts!
I think you would have gotten an expert answer if you had put your question under "Ask a Doctor. My opinion is that you should go to a dermatologist about the rash. I asked a similar question (but not about the rash, about leaking) and got an excellent answer. The most powerful answer I got was from Dr. Minniti and frankly it is haunting me...It looks like it really is OK to leave the implants alone. Read the link to see what he says:http://www.realself.com/question/docs-than-plastic-surgeons-leave-silicone-silently-leaking-implants