Radiesse ABOVE the lip.

  • Chris_T
  • 2 years ago

Over the past number of years, I've had a variety of fillers injected - mostly Radiesse.  I realize it's not supposed to be used in the lip, however - it doesn't seem like my Juvederm injects had lasted all that long.  I still wanted to augment the appearance of my upper lip as it has always had a very thin and short outward appearance. Today, I visited my dermatologist - and Radiesse was inject above my lip - the injection site was approximately halfway between my nose & mouth.  Radiesse was also injected just outside of my naso-labial fold lines. I am very pleased with the results!  The two injection sites (four - if you count both sides of the face) dramatically lifted my upper lip while still looking natural, and also smoothed the transition of the naso-labial folds to the extent they appear non-existant at rest. I'd like to clarify that the Radiesse wasn't injected along the lip-line as I've had Juvederm in the past - and I'm very pleased with the product, especially since I know it'll last longer.   -C