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radiesse - Had it done on Friday and my face looks worst

  • txgem
  • 3 years ago

I have it injected in the jowl area and some around nasiofolds. It looks lumpy and alot worst of a jowl than before. Is this going to stay this way.

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Being that you posted this in August, you should start to see the effects from it diminish. Different people metabolize the product at different rates. I'd be curious to see before and after photographs, however, from my own personal experiences - the injections that I've had that I'm the most happy with always appeared slightly over done for the first few weeks and the "settled" into exactly what I was looking for.

I also think it's always beneficial to discuss injection technique and strategy so there's a strong understanding of how this product may alter your appearance.

I'd like to add that the photo you posted - assuming it was an "after" photo - yielded very nice and natural looking results - but if you're not pleased or if the product didn't provide results that you were hoping for, then it's definitely important to pinpoint the reason why.