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Quitting smoking before Mommy Makeover

  • wishmeluk
  • Peterborough, ON
  • 2 years ago

Well, its down to a month before surgery, which means its the day I have to quit smoking too.   Anyone else have a PS who is ademant against smoking and will not operate on anyone who does not comply?  I even heard the horror stories that my nipples could fall off after surgery, due to smoking.

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Stay strong, ladies! You can do this.

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Yes I have to quit as well. My surgery is scheduled for April 27 happy but yet nervous
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Thanks Angie...on the far so good.
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Hi there! You also might want to check out these tips for quitting smoking before surgery. How goes it so far??? Thinking about you.

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Kelly, Yes, it is very important that you quit smoking. I have read some horror stories of women on here who've not quit smoking and had tissue die (the nipples falling off ). This is called necrosis. It doesn't happen in every instance, but enough that you don't want to take the risk. I know it's so so so hard. But you'll be so much healthier and your risk of complications will be much lower if you quit. Check out what these doctors have to say about necrosis after breast implantation. Here are more details on necrosis after a TT.

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