Are you trying to quit smoking before your Mommy Makeover?

  • 2 years ago

Check in here and let's support each other! Have you quit yet? If so, for how many days/weeks? And when is your surgery?

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Quit to days ago... very hard right now. I have surgery in March and am now taking chlorophyll. Hope all goes well
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My ps required 8 weeks smoke free before he would touch me! I quit that day! Fully expected to go back after surgery but happy to say I have not! I'm 34 days PO today and haven't had an urge ... or even thought about it .... since I came home from the hospital with my new belly. I am officially a nonsmoker and I have to thank my PS for insisting on 8 weeks! Otherwise I might only be a few weeks down and not quite over the hump! SO SO SO happy to have this under my belt!
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My PS requested 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after. I quit Aug 13, my surgery is Sept 13. I can honestly say I really don't miss it. It was such a "habit" that I really don't remember smoking because it was so mindless. I hope I stay smoke free. I have lost too many people due to health related smoking issues. Good for you BrandNewBelly13, happy recovery!
Thanks and congrats to you as well! for quitting and for your upcoming surgery :) it's all good!!!!! :) and happy recovery to you as well!
I am day 3 no smoking and I am about kick puppies.....(not really) It is like having contractions of violent rage!!!! Of course frying bacon, probably not the smartest thing to do. If it would've popped in my face one more Seriously, when does this part go away?
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I know it's tough, Calf34! Hang in there!

well i went to the doctors a couple of weeks ago and they gave me CHAMPIX
The first week i just cut down, the second week i didnt really feel the urge to have a fag( cant you just tell i come from the UK)
any way i am now on day three of completly not smoking.
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Congrats! I started with Chantix/Champix also! I am now almost 2 months with no ciggies! Still have cravings and gained 7 pounds but sugery is only days away so I have to keep will power up!

Nice work! How are you doing with it now that surgery is over?

Congratulations NewSue! That's fantastic!

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I've been a steady smoker for 12 years and just quit cold turkey, I was getting overwhelming urges then I remember a trick a friend told be long ago that helped her quit. She said when that urge comes just say to yourself I have one in 10 minutes and then get busy with something else. Then it's an hour later or more hopefully. Each time you get this urge just say I'll have one later and pretty soon the urges pass into hours, days and then disappear all together. I am 5 weeks tomorrow with no cigarettes. I have no more of the urges and it's also important to have willpower. Good luck everybody and remember the 10 minute trick!!
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Day 6 PO .
Smoke free 37 days. I cannot imagine still smoking inhibiting the healing from this procedure which requires all my healing capabilities.
If you still smoke cancel your surgery; it will be a waste of everyone's time and all your money. Besides flat abs don't look hot when topped off by "pucker mouth" wrinkles and a raspy deep smokers voice. I didn't realize how much I stunk until I quit.
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I am 2 day PO and thanking God He helped me quit. Coughing for any reason is very painful.
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yeah good on you ASCAPE. let us know know you get on the sugery on the 19th.
Good Luck
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Way to go Abscape! Thanks for contributing to this thread. I know it's tough and you made it through!

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Abdominoplasty is quite the motivator to quit. Since it's nicotine that screws up recovery all crutches are out. I have tried CHANTIX in the past and that side effect about vivid and unusual dreams was a "no s***!" truth. i watched daily videos at WHYQUIT.COM
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"ABSCAPE" (male abdominoplasty) surgery is July 19, 2012 so smoking quit day was June 19 (actually 2 days earlier since I ran out of cigs and thought it was stupid to buy a pack for one more day).

As soon as I learned from a "smoking sponsor" that I would only be severely insane for 72 hours I went for it. The total insanity lasted 3 weeks ending (pretty much) last Tuesday. I did eat baby carrots during every trigger and crave, now I love baby carrots.

The thoughts still creep in my mind quite a few times a day but the actual nicotine withdrawal is over. The you tube videos really helped a lot. I also kept a color copy of my "profile' picture to remind me why I was doing this.

Holy smokes, I can smell a smoker 10' away now. My AA meeting hall doesn't allow smoking but the room reeks of smokers tar and stench. I had no idea. NO!!! I am not picking up again after surgery; I DO NOT want to go through nicotine withdrawal again. besides, if I get the hot bod I'm paying for, why ruin the collagen in my skin further with smoking?
I researched a lot of the quit smoking side effects so I would have an idea what was coming. Albeit they were not pleasant I survived and my bodily functions are returning back to normal.

How many of you are planning on staying quit? Or are you going back once you're healed?

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I plan on staying quit. I hope I don't cave.
I am a permanent quitter. The 3day nicotine withdrawal period was something I don't want to go through again.
thank you for the comments. i have been a smoker for over 30 years now. i know its going to be hard. yes i am having the full works on the 3rd sept.
breast up lift, small implant and the tummy tuck.
Thank god i found this site for support in time.
i am in the UK by the way i dont know if my doctor will give me Trental. ( i will ask though)
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You could ask for chantix it really has helped me a ton! I have been a smoker for 20 years.... Blah!
Yep electronic cigs contain nicotine. It seems many Drs. vary on quitting times. I had 2 consults that told me I had to quit 2 weeks minimum before and 2 weeks after surgery. I think the sooner you quit the better. I'm pretty nervous that I haven't quit soon enough. My Dr. gave me Trental which is supposed to boost my circulation. It's to be taken 3 weeks prior to surgery. I'm wondering if maybe its because I was a smoker when he gave me the script. I didn't think to ask. Best of luck in quitting.
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