Are you trying to quit smoking before your breast augmentation?

  • 2 years ago

Let's check in here and support each other! Have you quit yet? If so, how many days/weeks have you been cigarette free? And when is your surgery?
Good luck, ladies. You can do this!

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Hard hard hard. I cut back to 1-2 a day but I am 9 days away! It hasn't seemed real but all the sudden its hitting me and I'm freaking out! I got rid of them, I need prayers please! I am so worried I have done something horrible... This whole "dream" has become reality and I feel as though I didn't take it seriously enough... Someone tell me I'll be OK!!!
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Good luck. It's hard I know. I had smoked cigarettes since 1993 and went cold turkey a year ago March 5th. I knew I had to just stop and even did so with a brand new pack in my purse. You can do it!!
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Try switching to an E cigarette. My doctor told me that although he doesn't condone nicotine use pre or post breast aug, a low level of nicotine during an implant only procedure would be less likely to cause problems while real cigarettes definitely need to be avoided. Check out South Beach Smoke online, they have reasonably priced E-cigs with nicotine free cartridges and lots of variety! I've used their products for years and I can breathe, I don't have chronic bronchitis or fatigue, and so far no significant problems have occurred from using them during surgery. :)
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