Anyone with Quilting Stitches and pain pump?

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I will be having a TT with BR lipo of the flanks and bra area...wish I could do my saddle bags but doc sad too much at one time. Anyway. I am getting quilting stitch with one drain and a pain pump wonder if anyone had that on their TT. It is so helpful to hear about recover.

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I had the pain pump and am not sure it helped that much. It may be the reason for extra swelling and bulge. If I could do it again I dont think I would have gotten one just for that reason. Hope that helps.
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Where they suture down your stomach to the muscle during surgery and re-establish your lymphatic system right then as opposed to waiting for your stomach tissue to re-attach and re-establish itself on its own.
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what are quilting stiches?
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Im scheduled to have a full TT with quilt/progressive tension stitching on April 8th. PS said I likely wont have any drains. Ive only heard good things about it. How did your procedure go?
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It went well. I have nothing really to compare it to other than the pictures of those who had the traditional tt. I didn't experience "swell hell" like it appeard most did in the photos and my recovery was relatively smooth.
Im really glad I went with a surgeon who performed the quilt stitch TT. Im loving my results and think swelling has been minimal compared to traditional TT.
Just saw your post asking this. I had the quilted stitch, which I just posted to another query you had, didn't have any drains, and no pain pump. I went home with a cathetar the first night, went back the next morning to have it removed. I personally would not have this procedure done any other way than with the quilting stitches, but only with a ps who is familiar with the use of them.
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Sorry for the repeat of questions just getting nervous. I'm on over kill. My ps said 1 drain and the pain pump so should be relatively low pain I hope. Thanks for the info

I've heard many women rave about pain pumps here on RealSelf. One drain sounds nice, too. Better than two, which is what most women get.

Here's what some doctors have to say about quilting sutures.

Hope this helps!

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