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What Questions Should I Ask the PS During my Initial Consult for a Facelift?

  • joanneinflorida
  • 1 year ago

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Joanne, I think for me personally I would break this down in phases in order to ask your questions. Pre surgery instructions, the surgery itself, and post surgery recover and instructions. Each phase is, in my opinion, critical to your FL success. Pre-surgery because what your health is, the kinds of things you ingest 2 to 3 weeks prior can affect bleeding post surgery. I was interested to hear how many surgeons out there aren't giving comprehensive lists to people about herbs, vitamins, foods etc that can predispose people to excessive bleeding in surgery and post-operatively. I don't know, maybe mine was just ultra conservative about preventive stuff. Second..the surgery itself.. how they approach the surgery, the actual process in detail: do they work on the underlying muscle and tissue or just the skin? How do they handle sutures and where are they placed to prevent being noticed? Ask them in detail about the anesthesia; local or general and what are the differences.Do they use drains, compression bandages and how does the PS want to have you handle the suture areas. Honestly, there are as many varied approaches I'm hearing out here as there are plastic surgeons! Third, Recovery : what is his team approach post surgery (in the center/hospital, when you can go home ...what you can or more specifically cannot do. Basically , this should be nothing for a while. Talk to him/her about how much movement and the timing for suture removal. Ask about pain meds and [potential pain control and your options. I really recommend that coincide with asking how your PS would handle any nausea which can come with your anaesthesia during surgery and with pain meds in recovery. There's so much more but this should start you off and other's here can chime in on their own thoughts or things they have asked in consults. Hope this helps!
Thanks so much, most of what you said I would never have thought to ask. My first consult is this Friday and I want to made an educated decision. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question.