Questions section more valuable than reviews

  • Natural Goddess
  • Colorado
  • 1 year ago

I noticed that when things go wrong after a BA, women often aren't updating their review (or just never started one). To research what can go wrong, I think the "Questions" section is helpful.  Maybe women get embarrassed when things go wrong (they still want answers from PS, but don't want to show others that things have taken a turn in a bad direction)? "myjourney" is one of many examples...her review ends at 2 weeks post op, but at 3 months she had malposition problems snd asked questions about it. Some reviews give a misleading picture, check out the questions and some explant reviews for a more realistic understanding. 

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You're right in that the Doctor Q&A can be another great source of info. I have also seen reviews in where things might not go fact, many of the Breast Implant Revision reviews go into great detail. Often times women may go to another PS for their revision and thus start a new review in order to rate the new PS. Thank you for bringing the Q&A to the forefront as it really is an amazing resource!

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