Questions Needed for Consultation with Senior Resident Surgeons at a Teaching Hospital

  • liddysue
  • Salisbury, NC
  • 2 years ago

Hello all!  I am having a tummy tuck/lipo consultation this Thursday, 2/2/12, with two senior residents at a local teaching hospital in North Carolina.  I have had one other consultation with a Charlotte plastic surgeon that performed my breast aug in 2004.  He did great but I simply cannot afford to get what I want to have done with his practice.  I have also looked into having the procedures done out of state, for a lot less money and out of the country for even less.  My fear is that if I did have complications afterward, I would like to be able to go back for help and that would be impossible with that much distance.  I originally had only been thinking about getting liposuction, in my abdomen and flanks for the muffin top, an also on my lower back to create a better butt.  When I was pregnant with my second of four children I gained weight  above my butt and it never went away.  I ended up with little to no definition there - a flat butt basically.  After talking with my previous P.S. and scouring the boards on here, I now agree that I will ultimately be happier if I go for it and have a full tummy tuck plus lipo of all three areas. I have written down several questions to ask the surgeons but if anyone has some good ones, please let me know!

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The consultation with chief residents at the teaching hospital went pretty good. It was a little weird for me though, when two young men, probably about 25 years old each walked in, and while they were very nice and polite, they just don't posess the same confidence of an experienced surgeon.

I gave each of them a list of my questions and they answered a few of them. Some of them were answered in regular discussions and a couple, like number 12 were more than a bit confusing and hard for them to answer. They probably have not ran into all of these situations yet.

One thing that bothered me most was when they told me that they may not be able to pull my old belly button hole all the way down as low as the horizontal scar would be placed, and if they couldn't, they would simply sew it up and I'd have a vertical scar going up & down.

I've since had another consultation with a third surgeon and he told me that he's never done that in the past twenty years of performing tummy tucks and wouldn't want to do that to anyone.

I've finally (almost 3 weeks after consultation) received a price from the chief residents for full tummy tuck, lipo of belly, flanks & lower back (top of butt) area. Here it is:

3,075 Surgeon Fees
850 O.R. Fee
650 Anesthesia
300 Pain Pump

$4,875 Grand Total

There was some confusion as to whether he was going to do vaser or smart lipo, and ultimately they priced me the non-assisted (traditional) lipo. From what I've learned, that is more dangerous and there have been cases where organs were punctured.

While this was a very inexpensive price, I've opted to go to the third surgeon I met with. He's at $7,775 for the entire procedure. The first surgeon was at $12,800. Big price difference between Charlotte and Greensboro, NC - and my comfort and confidence level was greatest with the third surgeon, Dr. Truesdale of Greensboro Plastic Surgical Associates. Read my story, titled "Muffin Top Be Gone! Full T.T. & Lipo of Flanks/belly/lower Back" for more info. And good luck to all!
Thanks Liddysue This are terrific questions, I have a consultation scheduled for tomorrow.
My Questions Regarding Tummy Tuck and/or Liposuction for Chief Residents

1.Which is recommended for my body?
2.If both, is any lipo included with tummy tuck procedure?
3.How much participation is there by the attending doctors?
4.How many plastic surgery procedures performed? Results?
5.What day(s) of the week are surgeries performed?
6.Is an overnight stay required?
7.Do you have before/after photos?
8.Are compression garments supplied?
9.Will one week off work from desk job be sufficient?
10.How many follow-up visits?
11.What techniques are used; tumescent, vaser, etc?
12.What do you do to prevent raised pubic/mons area?
13.How low can the scar/incision be placed?
14.Do you mark with bikini on?
15.Are you able to direct the pull of scar downward to prevent it from rising?
16.Is there anything that aids to better scarring; laser vs scalpel, Brazilian, creams, etc?
17.Do you offer a pain pump?
18.What type of sutures are used?
19.Do you leave drains in?
20.How is the belly button formed?
21.Is this your chosen field?