QUESTIONS to ask my doc

  • MusicLuver
  • Hawaii
  • 2 years ago

I was just wondering if everyone could help me figure out some questions to ask my doc. I am having a full TT with lipo on July 17th and I want to keep him busy with questions. I know as soon as I get there, even if I write some of them down, my mind will go blank...and my mind has been blank for a while now on trying to get questions to ask him anyway. I just want to be prepared...THANK YOU =)    Katt

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Good morning, I recommend to take a swim suit bottom with you and have it on and have him draw to you where to expect the line of incision to be.. Ask about back fat, flanks, etc if you are not getting a lipo and how it may play out with tummy tuck and possibility of dog ear..

Thats one thing I wish I did...