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What questions should one ask in an Invisalign consultation?

  • TwoPlusOne (Dental Community Manager)
  • 7 months ago

For those of you who have done consultations already and know what questions you are glad you asked (or wished you had!), I'd love your help in creating a sticky resource for newbies who are at the consultation phase.  I can come up with some questions, but I will forget a bunch of important ones, so I'd rather just get help from the get-go!

Here are some I think are important:

General questions:
  1. Am I a good candidate for Invisalign (why/why not)?
  2. How long will my treatment be?
  3. Will I require attachments?  Elastics?  And if so, where?
  4. Will my case require Interproximal Reduction (IPR)?  If I refuse to have this procedure done, what will my results be?
  5. What are possible dangers/side-effects of IPR?
  6. What if I lose an aligner?  Will I have to pay for replacements?
  7. How long can my treatment run without having to pay extra?
  8. How many refinements are included in this fee?
  9. Are mid-course corrections included in this fee?
  10. What type of retainer is included in the fee?
  11. If this retainer doesn't work for me, will I be able to get a different type of retainer included in the price?
  12. If Invisalign is not working for me, how much would it cost to switch to a different treatment modality?
  13. Is post-treatment whitening included?
  14. How much would post-treatment bonding/equilibration/contouring cost, or would I need to go to a different provider for these services?
Questions about speeding treatment:
  1. Do you offer AcceleDent or Propel, or any other types of orthodontic-acceleration?  Why/why not?
  2. How much extra would this cost?
  3. For AcceleDent, do you sell mouth-pieces if I find a used unit online?

Questions about problems:
  1. If I end up with problems between visits, can I contact you?  How?
  2. Are extra visits scheduled because of problems included in the price?
  3. If my bite opens up and my molars stop touching when I close my mouth, how is this normally dealt with?
  4. What if I'm traveling and can't make it back for an appointment.  Will you send me my trays, for example?

Please let me know if any of these questions don't strike you as useful or appropriate, or just aren't well-stated.  Also, please share questions you find important that I've missed.  Thank you!