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Hi, I'm looking into getting a tummy tuck (extended), augmentation (silicone), and liposuction. I realize I will need to go for a consultation, I just want to get an idea of things first. Especially because ideally I want to get it in a few months. Ok... I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old, so I was wondering what recovery is like. I will have help, but for how long will I need help? And when will I be able to pick up the kids? Does anyone have any advice? Do you have to get your breasts redone in the future? If so how often? For the same price? And how much lipo can be done in one surgery (with the TT and BA) is lipo included in the tummy tuck? Is there such a thing as an extended mini tummy tuck? Also... Approximately how much is the cost all together in Edmonton Alberta? Can anyone recommend a great doctor in Edmonton? What are the payment plans like? Do you need a down payment? How much? Basically any information anyone can help me with, would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much! :)

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Hello...well you have very good questions and all things I asked myself when considering my tummy tuck and breast reduction. First I recommend that you search and read through this site...it will answer many of these questions. Angie gave you some good links above. Then I would identify three recommended surgeons to meet with. Have your list of questions ready for each consult. From experience I can tell you that this is a long healing process and you will need total help with your small children for at least two full weeks. You will need to ask your questions about cost, how much lipo they can do at one time etc to each doctor. They are all different and it is best to gather this information directly from the physician. I did put together a Tummy Tuck Survival Guide based on my own experiences which you should read. It will answer many of your other questions. You will find it under the Tummy Tuck Forum section of this site. http://www.realself.com/forum/tummy-tuck-survival-real-life-guide

You have a lot of questions. Which is a good thing! You'll definitely need help for the first week or two. And no heavy lifting for at least six weeks. Go here to see what some doctors have to say about that.

To get an idea of what recovery is like, I'd suggest you read some reviews in our Mommy Makeover community. Nothing is more informative than reading real life stories.

You can find a list of Edmonton doctors here.

Please keep us posted on your journey!