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What question for post op TT care did you have?

  • momiemkovr
  • Los Angeles
  • 3 years ago

Hi Ladies ( and men )   My PS had asked me to compile a list of questions, everything and anything regarding your CARE instructions after a tummy tuck. Also most common concerns that come up during recovery.   I was disappointed with the discharge instructions I was given.  I had a million other Questions that nobody really had time to answer.  My one and  only complaint regarding my PS but it's a big one!!!!! Feel free to add questions you had on a daily bases at any stage of recovery.  Please make sure you put what week you were post op when you needed the information most.  Thank you!  I thought this would be a great venue for some solid valid information to help me and others!   When this is complete, I'll post it if it's ok with Kimmers.  I really want to help others out there.  Of course it goes without saying,  that this is only one PS's opinion.  You always need to get info from Your Doctor.  Even things like scar treatment depend greatly on skin type!!!!!!!!!   I don't think it's harmful however to give one PS's post op TT care Instructions hence we give each other information all day long! LoL   Thank you! Stephanie  ( momimkovr )