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Question/Observation re: Overweight Smart Lipo

  • kkrhocp
  • 1 year ago

I am new to this forum but I have been looking and reading for a few months. I'm overweight, 40, and work two jobs and go to school. I have no time for anything basically. I'm considering smart lipo for arms and possibly other areas.  My question is is smart lipo okay to do if you are overweight?

My observation is that the reviews I've read from overweight people have better results and are more satisfied. The reviews I've read from people who are fit and have very little fat are less satisfied and several regret the decision and spending the money.

I'm confused because I see the canned answer that smart lipo is ideal if you are near your goal weight, however actual reviews seem the opposite. I was told by a Sono bello rep that it is a good way to see results even if you are overweight. It costs more if your bmi is higher basically. Help.... And thanks :-)