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My question is to Kimmers25, how old were you at time of your tt?

  • hoofsister
  • Wentzville
  • 3 years ago

I had a breast lift and tummy tuck on Feb 11th, turned 54 on Feb 15th. Kimmers, you appear much younger than myself, I am wondering if age affects length of recovery.

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Hoofsister that was the same question that I had and still do! I am 4 weeks post tt and breast lift with tumescent lipo on front and back torso - and I did go back to work at 2 1/2 weeks, however I am still in pain on the sides of my breasts where Dr. Hobar created an internal lift and bra so to speak with the perioareolar lift. Also, my tummy tuck is so tight! Much better than prior to the removal of the wire on each end of my tt incision at 2 weeks. I am 51 and I wondered if my age made it take me 3 weeks to begin feeling back to the world vs other peoples 2 weeks. One thing for sure, I beleive that when you choose the very best PS you have a much easier recovery. I still have to remind myself on a bad day that "My recovery and definite results is going to truly take 6 months!". Best of luck for you.
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Im 20 yrs old and just had a FTT on march 1st
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Hi there - thought I would butt in since I'm older than you at age 55 and Kimmers is like a cute kid sister. She's right - age doesn't matter if you're in good shape & take care of yourself. I was up and back at it sooner than most. You'll be fine!
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LOL....never been called the cute kid sister but I like it!
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Hi there!

I was 45 when I had the breast reduction and 46 when I had the tummy tuck.   If you are healthy and in reasonably good shape the age does not matter. 

Everyone is different with their skin elasticity so that may play  some factor in the process.  Although I have seen 20 year olds with cellulite and saggy skin so I do not take much stock in the age thing. 

How are you feeling now?? 
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I feel pretty good, I'm 5 weeks post-surgery today, still have some tightness, but most of the swelling in my tummy is gone. Most of my jeans and pants are way too big now! I can't believe the 2lbs of loose skin that was removed made such a difference.
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Hurray!!  Very nice indeed.  You will notice improvement month after month for a while.  It just seems to get better for me all the time. 
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