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  • Cutekoala in Londooonn
  • Miami
  • 2 years ago

I love this site, and its been an invaluable resource to me in terms of deciding on a doctor and really understanding whats involved in getting this surgery, however, I think sometimes, it would be helpful to make sure (unless you're uncomfortable with disclosing all of this information) that you include certain details within your reviews:

  • Before and after waist and hip measurements
  • Amount of CCs injected
  • Overall impact of surgery- are you essentially happy with your results?

If you're going to upload photos, please upload clear ones from a decent digital camera- small, blurry or pixilated cameraphone photos are not very useful, neither are photos from weird angles or with weird poses that contort the body shape. Best way to do it is to take two straight on side photos with arms by your side, one back view photo and one front view with arms by your side for before and after, preferably in underwear/ in your garment. That gives readers a really clear picture of what your results have turned out like with no distortions and alws viewers to clearly see the changes

Most reviews here are amazing, very detailed and of very good quality and include such details, however, some people treat it more as just a diary of events which is interesting of course, but sometimes end up leaving out some of the most important details about the surgery (such as what I mentioned) and/or use very poor quality photos- which means really important information is somtimes left out...I don't mean to sound like I'm lecutring people!! But at the same time, it is frustrating times when reviewers leave out so much information, so please take note ladies! I hope I'm able to fulfil this criteria when my surgery comes round, too.   Thanks! Pease respond if you agree or disagree?   Cutekoala xxxxxxxxx

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