Qualified Doctors to Inject Juvederm in Ottawa, Canada

  • Ottawa, ON
  • 2 years ago

Hi, I tried so hard looking online for reviews on/references to the best doctors who offer juvederm injections in Ottawa, ON, Canada, but I was unable to find any! I came across a long list of doctors and spas that offer it, but I could not find any detailed reviews/feedbacks on the work done, so can someone please recommend a good doctor?

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Try Odas Salon et Spa urbain in Gatineau, they are very professionnal and they took their time for mee to answer all the questions for my needs. i was there for 1 hour and a half, and very happy with the results and services
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I live in Ottawa and I have been going to Dr. Erik Hegmann (www.kanataskinclinic.ca) for Botox injections for about 5 years. I trust him completely. He is very careful and meticulous, and he is always concerned about my comfort. I have also had Juvederm injections with him. And I'm always happy with the results.
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I'm not sure if you have done this already or not, but if you click on the "Find a Doctor" tab near the top of the screen you will be able to search by area, then you can narrow your search by specialty or procedure.

If you do decide to get this done, please come back and review the office you went to, as you can see firsthand how helpful these reviews can be. :)

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