Has anyone had quadralase laser?

  • kellymason
  • nashville
  • 4 years ago

Has anyone had quadralase laser on face? Did it work? Was it worth the cost, What was the cost?

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I have large sun damage marks on my face. Will this QuadraLase system help the marks on my face. The dr. says it will. From all of the internet subjects, none mention it will remove large sun damage spots on the face. Can you advise me.

I have been doing Laser skin resurfacing for more than 15 years and have been using the Quadralase almost exclusively for the last 2 years.I am convinced it is not the quality of the specific device but the quality and experience of the doctor using the device which is the most important consideration in Laser resurfacing treatment. The Quadralase is a very versatile CO2 Laser device offering the best of both traditional resurfacing modalities-Laser "ablative"resurfacing -(true full Laser dermabrasion),and fractional CO2 resurfacing. I always customize the treatments for individual patients to match their expectations for improvemnent,ability to tolerate "downtime",& budget, with a treatment plan that often involves a combination of ablative and fractional resurfacing aspects to achieve optimal results. For example we can do full ablative resurfacing around the mouth for deep vertical lip lines and blend the entire facial skin with fractional resurfacing if the cheeks do not need as aggressive a treatment.Light fractional treatments can be done around eyelids with rapid turnaround (see Dr Katz's post on the "Madonna lift")and it an be used safely off the face- ie neck,chest, hands and arms as well. We have gotten excellent results with no significant problems to date. GNGoldberg,MD Tucson,AZ