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Has anyone ever used ON-Q PainBuster? I am interested in asking for this after my TT.

  • Salem1969
  • Salem, Oregon
  • 3 years ago

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My physician is planning on using a Tap Block instead of the pain pump. Has anyone else had this done for their TT?
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LMM3 Your physician always knows best. Whilst a TAP block can be a little hit or miss, he/she will be working with the benefit of experience. For our part, we at Peak Medical Limited UK have had nothing but priase from patients and clinicans alike in using our PainKwell postoperative pain relief infusion system for a number of procedures, not least TT's. Good health!! GES.
Salem, I had the pain pump in addition to 4 drains and pain meds. It was explained to me that the pain pump was for more of the superficial skin pain. The pain meds (vicodin/percocets) were for "internal" pain. I was glad to have it, that's for sure!
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Cool. Thanks for the info.
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I had it and it was a lifesaver for me! My friend had one several years ago after her C-section and swore by it. I did not have one after my C-section and boy, did that scar hurt while it was healing! With the TT, though I was tight and uncomfortable in the immediate post-op period, I did not feel the scar area at all! So different than with my C-section and this was a much larger incision obviously. I would highly recommend it!!
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Hi Girlie,

Check out this link...see what some of our docs have to say about the Pain Pump.

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