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Will overly puffy lips subside after Juvederm?

  • stpetenative
  • st pete, fl
  • 4 years ago

i am freaking out here...its been 3 hrs since procedure. They are very noticeable, duck bill like. what have I done. I had full lips to begin with. The dr added more to one side for symmetry, and add a little to the other side, then a little in the middle on the bottom lips. I believe he opened one box only, it was Juvederm. I am not sure how many syringes or cc there were, but it was 1 new pale orange and white box. He did a dental block (inj my inner lips all over) and still numb

View 14 doctor answers to I had my lips injected today with Juvederm and am wondering if appearance is due to swelling?

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Hi St. Pete, Relax, it takes time for the swellling to come down after the injections. Usually patients end up wanting more filler. There is nothing to do for now other than using some cold compresses on your lips. Ask your doctor how much Juvederm was used. If after a few weeks you are still concerned, then Vitrase can be used to help dissolve some of the filler. Good luck and be well. Dr. P
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