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Puffy bruised eyes after Juvederm

  • Elizabeth1969
  • 4 years ago

Hello all, I had under eye hollows/circles filled with Juvederm Ultra when I underwent a dental bone graft, extraction and implant surgery. I had HUGE shiners immediately. They didn't ice it because I was going under. I avoided aspirin for a week and cut back on my wine. I am also hugely puffy. It is two weeks today and my black eyes are fading but I am still puffy. My doctor said at my week post op to warm compress, light massage and it would be great settled. When will it settle? Is this swelling from surgery/bruising or overcorrection?

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Hi elizabeth, You should know how much was used, so ask at your follow up visit. Massage never hurts. Hold off on the Vitrase. I don't think that steroid cream will help. Sounds like you should look great when you get here on April 2. Good luck and be well. Dr. P
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Hi Elizabeth, 1.6 cc is a large amount of hyaluronic acid for eye lid hollows. In the future, stick with Restylane in this area as it does not swell as much. Vitrase is an option if your swelling continues. Hope that all is normal soon. Be well. Dr. P
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Hi Dr. P, Thanks for your speedy feedback. I'm not sure if they used all of the 2 syringes. It just had quantity on my receipt. Shall I ask him? It is looking better but it's still discolored and puffy. I go back Monday for my three week follow up. I am concerned about the Vitrase since I bruise like an overripe peach and have a media event in LA on April 2nd. Will massage still help at this point? I think I can tell it will look good if it just calms down a couple millimeters -- will steroid cream help? Thanks so much for your help! Next time I will do more research on these procedures -- sigh! Best regards, Elizabeth
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Still puffy! Please advise since I had so much bruising should I give it another week??? Will massage help? I don't think it's bad enough for the vitrase and because I am so sensitive I'm sure I'll get another black eye. He used two .8ml vials. Thanks!!
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