Puckering after lollipop reduction? And regrets in size reduced to?

  • MauiMAW
  • 1 year ago

I met with my PS today for a consultation for a reduction.  I'm currently a G/H and would like to be a C (small D at most).  I was expecting her to talk me through the anchor type of reduction but she actually said I am good candidate for a lollipop type of reduction and lift instead.  She did tell me that my breasts would look hideous at first because of all the puckering around the nipple area.  However she said it would smooth out and after about 12 months I wouldn't have much at all (beyond the normal puckering we have in that part of the breast).  My questions are: 1) Has anyone had any experience with much puckering after a lollipop reduction and how has the puckering changed after 12 months post-op?   2) If you were very large to begin with (like me) and regrets for not going smaller after reduction?   Thank you in advance!