How to know if you're psychologically prepared to get a rhinoplasty?

  • curious10
  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone.   I was curious, how do you know if you are psychologically ready to get a rhinoplasty?   I am woman in my early 20s and I have hated my nose ever since I was 10.  I dislike/hate looking into mirrors and taking pictures, because I feel like my nose takes up my whole face (especially when I smile).  I am from a culture where strong, prominent bridges and small noses are thought to be beautiful; instead, I have a bulbous tip, a low bridge, and large nostrils.  It may sound trivial, but I do get depressed looking into the mirrors and pictures sometimes - I always think "man, if I had a smaller nose, I'd be actually kinda pretty."   I feel that if I get a rhinoplasty, I wouldn't want it to look awfully sculpted - I would just want a reduction in my nostrils, to balance my face out.  I wouldn't feel so insecure about smiling, where my nose flattens a lot.   I have a consultation next week with a doctor - if anyone has recommendations for rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC, please let me know.   Has anyone had an experience similar to mine?  How do you know when you're "ready"?  Any advice?