will ps operate if persistent breast rash will not clear up?

  • j in ohio
  • 2 years ago

Hi ladies I am scheduled aug 3 .So excited but I have the under breast rash that will not heal..Have tried everything ps says he will operate if not to bad family doc says no way! Has any one else dealt with this issue?

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I had a slight little open skin area and for some reason that's an issue that can lead to some major problems. Such a needing a wound vac and I can tell you from personal experience you don't want that! I had the tiniest spot and he ended up lancing it and stitching it closed. I think it opens you up to infections and such. Get asteroid cream and keep it dry dry dry!
Your right I do not want it postponed.A WEEK FROM TODAY IT WILL BE HEAR FOUGHT WITH INSURANCE 3 years and not stopping now.Getting a little nervous but tired of these big girls.
I'm sure your PS knows all about breast rash as it's something he deals with on a higher occasion. I would trust me PS.