PS doctor recommendations in the Long Beach, CA (southern California) area?

  • Stacy in LBC
  • Long Beach, CA
  • 2 years ago

I am very excited! I am starting my research to find a PS doctor for my mommy makeover. I have wanted this for over 10 years. I am finally able to financially have it done. :) I have been reading a lot of postings and reviews on RealSelf, but to be honest, I am a bit overwhelmed. So, I have a few questions... 1. Any specific PS doctor recommendations in the southern California area? 2. How many consultations with different doctors should I plan on having?  3. What are your top questions to ask during the consultation? Thank you for all your help!!sw

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Have you found a DR yet? I haven't decided yet either but surgery is set for June 2012 just got to decide on the dr
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Dr. Jarrah-Nejad is awesome! :)
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Hi there and welcome to RealSelf! I'm so glad you found us. I always recommend that people consult with three different board certified surgeons (or until you find one you're very happy with). Here's a list of doctors who perform mommy makeovers in the LA area.

You should also read JenBob's posting here about what she wishes she'd known before a mommy makeover. It's full of great info!

(I've started a Facebook page, too, called Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back, where we discuss plastic surgery, recipes, exercise, and beauty. Come check us out and give us a Like)

Hope this helps!

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