Would Anyone Be Able to Provide Feedback/reviews on Dr. Terry Dubrow? Anything Would Be Helpful!

  • MarieJean
  • los angeles, ca
  • 2 years ago

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of reviews for Dr. Terry Dubrow (Newport/OC Area). Has anyone ever had their surgery done by him, or had a consultation? I am looking to have a Rhinoplasty performed and I'm still researching Doctors. I'm just looking to read reviews on him, good or bad. Thank you!! :)

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I had a chin implant removed by him and a bump on top of my nose removed. I scheduled an appointment with him, he was garacious and charming. I didnt see any negative review on Dr. Dubrow and scheduled surgery after meeting with him. It takes months before the swelling goes down to truly see the outcome. I was devasted, I couldnt believe with his so call experience and knowledge I was left the way I was. He said to me "please dont tell anyone I was the one that did this" I was horrified when he said that to me, I was still a swollen so I didnt see what he obviously could see. I would never recommend Dr. Dubrow, I ended up spending money to find a competent plastic surgeron that can fixed what he did to me. Some doctors wouldnt even touch me, Dr. Sadati in Newport Beach said it was going to be a challenge and could see how terribly unhappy I was. He said he believed he could correct my problem and accepted the task. I couldnt be any happier! I will forever be thankful for Dr. Sadati whom I will always keep in my prayers.
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