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How To Get Protein Without Eating Meat After Gastric Bypass with Thyroid Disease?

  • Chuck5051
  • 2 years ago

How Does my Wife Who's Had Gastric by Pass Surgery,and Has Thyroid Disease. Get Protien Without Eating Meats?

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Here's a list of some of the very best (and flavorful) protein powders out there. I am SUPER picky about protein drinks, but at five years out post-op RNY Gastric Bypass, I still love these: Celebrate Vitamins Cake Batter ENS Shake (my FAVORITE): Click Expresso Protein (check your caffeine tolerance, though - Vanille Latte is my fav): Absolutely DELICIOUS iced coffe: Lean Dessert Chocolate Fudge: ALSO - a great mix in with extra protein is this amazing stuff called PB2, which is powdered peanut butter. You can throw it in a shake to change up to a chocolate-peanut butter or a straight-up peanut butter shake. It's FANTASTIC: Torani Syrups offer sugar-free liquid mix-ins too: If you like cottage cheese or greek yogurt, that's a great way to get in some extra protein too. Just watch the sugar content so you don't dump! Hope this helps. :) Cheers, Taunia
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I have not had gastric bypass surgery, however I use Pure Protein 100% Whey Protein. It has 25 grams of protein per scoop and the vanilla is delicious! Egg beaters has 5% protein. Not much but every little bit counts.
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Hi Chuck,

It's really difficult to get enough protein, through food alone, after WLS. Most post-op WLS patients use protein powder. You have to try a few before you get one that meets your tastes, but perservere and your wife will find one.

I usually have a protein shake for breakfast each morning, simply made by adding one scoop of chocolate protein powder to 200ml of 1% milk and blitz it up. You can also add sugar free flavourings, I sometimes add mint or vanilla. You can also add protein powder to (sweet) recipes to bulk up your daily protein. It's great to make a low fat/no cream, ice cream, also to add to yogurt to make a dip for fruit, etc.

Protein powder is probably the best way, apart from eating meat, that I know of to get the daily requirement of protein.


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