Pros and cons of saline vs. silicone breast implants?

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Silicone or saline? What's the difference? Which is safer? I heard that implants need to be replaced every ten years; is this true? Am I able to change the shape and height of my breasts with this procedure? I am a 23 years old and a B-cup. They aren't as perky as I'd like, and I would hate if the implants weighed them down. Please advise. Thanks.

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I have... Silicone gel MPP, under the muscle, I'm a 29 year old mother of two. I love my results! I was told by my doctor, you don't need to replace your implants, unless you are having a problem.... best of luck with your
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I am 29 years old, have had 4 kids and FINALLY going to have what I have wanted for years....BOOBS! I am 105 pounds, 5'4" and 32 AA. I would like to have a C cup. I can not decide on saline or silicone though. Both Dr. I have seen say silicone but say either can be done. I THINK the 375 cc's are the ones that I want. I do not want to wish later that I went bigger though. PLEASE give me your advice and your stories(your size before and after, type of implant and the cc's used) THANK YOU SOOOOOO SOOOOOOO MUCH:)

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You seem to know what you want. These are the basics of discussion with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.After examination and complete health evaluation and skin and breast evaluation, the measurements of your body and breast, as well as the amount of sagginess and elasticity of the skin your plaastic surgeon can discuss your options in breast augmentation and whether you will need a breast lift or not. the options: Size, location of incision, location of implant and type of implant. Discuss the surgery, the risks, symmetry of your breasts and symmetry after the surgery, the potential for need for further surgery, and toutch up surgery. who is responsible for further surgery? All these issues should be discussed before the surgery. Meet with more than one surgeon and then decisde who you want to have operate on you.
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I am 23, 5'1" 120lbs 32-34B cup with 2 kids. Wanting to be full C/small D. My breasts have lost slight volume and I am considering implants ASAP. I expect to get the implants under the muscle, incision with least scarring, and probably smooth round, but am still unsure of which type of implant may be best. I want to look natural with some cleavage, and not need to worry about rippling, sagging, or asymmetry after just 3 years post op. I seem to have a good amount of skin/tissue. Suggestions?

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In Breast augmentation you have options

1: Size
2: Incision
3: Placement of implant, above or below the muscle
4: type of implant, Silicone VS Saline implant.

Both types of implants are safe and effective. Saline implants, you may feel the implant, you may see and feel rippling of the implant. Saline implants can deflate at a rate of 1% per year. Silicone implants tend to feel more natural. Once you have an implant you will need some surgery in the future for any reason. Deflation, rupture, displacement of implant, too big or too small, Capsular contracture, Need for a breast lift. How the implant will change your breast depend on how you look prior to surgery, and what you desire your breast to look like.This can be discussed with your Plastic Surgeon thoroughly before the surgery.

Drooping of the breast will depend on the quality of your skin, breast feeding, weight changes and the weight of the implant. If you have any concerns then DO NOT DO THE SURGERY.

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