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Prominent Nose/Pointy Nose with Delicate Facial Features; Rhinoplasty Possible?

  • SargentsMadameX
  • 2 years ago

My nose looks almost exactly like the portrait of Madame X by John Singer Sargent (which you can find on Google). I look almost exactly like her (but with a slightly bigger chin and bigger eyes). Many people tell me this, and they say they love my nose because it has so much character. But I've always hated how pointy and dramatic it is. Can surgery correct this kind of nose? It's so prominent with the slightest bump; that I'm not sure that reducing the end or correcting the bump would do much.

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I hope some chime in for you!

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Thank you for your help! I would love any other opinions from other members here.
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I looked it up. Very dramatic, you are right.

Here's a link in case anyone else is curious.

You're going to need to be examined by a rhinoplasty specialist to determine if your nose can be changed. I'm suspecting it can, but make sure you go with a board certified surgeon who does lots and lots and lots of noses.

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