Low Profile for Reconstruction?

  • SFgirl2
  • 1 year ago

I am wondering if anyone has opted for small breast reconstruction...what size and make implants did you use?  I am very thin, petite, starting out with AA.  I want to stay small, and I would think that the low profile would be best.  Anyone with any experience or suggestions?  Thanks!

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Profile is a mesurement of the projection. If u have low profile u would look really flat. You can have high profile and choose a smaller implant size. Implants are sized by cc's which is the same as ml. You could look at implant info and see what are some of the smallest sizes by cc. U could put that amount off cc's into a small plastic sandwich bag and that could give you a size. ( you could measure the water in a measuring cup ) this could give u a rough estimate for size and jus play with the shape. But having no breast tissue u have to fill in the space and need the implants to "stick" out to feel the pocket created for the implant.

Have you found any solution via the Doctor Q&A or through your research? I'm assuming you have read some of the reviews in the Breast Reconstruction Community. Sounds like you're trying to match your original breasts. I would hope your PS could guide you based on this info. Let us know what you decide!